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“Following a brief unsuccessful period of visiting another counsellor, I was referred to Lucie.  I immediately felt at ease.  Lucie presented as professional and empathic, and I trusted her fully from the start.  This may sound dramatic but she has changed my life.  She not only addressed the issues that led me to seek counselling, but far, far more.  Her listening approach with sensible suggestions and coping mechanisms addressed the issues I had been struggling with over many years of my life.  After 6 sessions, I feel so much happier in myself.  My self esteem is higher, and using the techniques given to me by Lucie, I remain feeling calm and in control, even when the circumstances I am facing suggest I should feel otherwise! I can now address my life in a positive fashion and move forward”

“Lucie enabled me to find the person I am after a long period of overwhelming anxiety and panic attacks. I now have the strength to enjoy life to the full”

“Very professional. It does work talking to someone”

“Prompt and professional, courteous care in my sessions with Lucie”

“Amazing help and support from Lucie, I highly recommend her”

“Lucie is everything you need from a counsellor.  Kind, an attentive listener, utterly non-judgemental, and doesn’t try to steer you too hard to find resolution; she gently guides you to find your own path. The CBT element of my counselling was very helpful dealing with difficulties at work, but it really was her general words of wisdom that stuck in my head to help me deal with my difficult emotions on a day-to-day level.  A year later I am all but recovered and have made many positive changes to my life.  The counselling was an absolutely essential part of my recovery.  What it has taught me will stay with me forever and, for that, I can only be hugely grateful to Lucie"

"Life has been very difficult, but being able to talk it over with someone I trust, who is not a friend or family member, has given me complete freedom to say what is really on my mind and work through the problems I have struggled with.... Thank-you."

"Lucie possesses the rare ability to be able to offer perceptive, helpful and challenging perspectives on the difficult relationships and situations in my life, which in turn has allowed me to look at my choices differently and make changes.  She works with you, with genuine care, thoughtfulness and attention - I never feel judged.  I have thoroughly enjoyed regaining a sense of humour in our sessions and my life."

"Everyone should try therapy, it has been painful at times but ultimately has changed my life."

"Counselling and psychotherapy is not advice giving which was initially a bit of a shock for me-that is what I had expected.  I have learnt to use the sessions to explore my feelings and how I think but with a structured CBT approach designed for me.  Its been so interesting to understand why I have felt certain ways throughout my life.  I have felt safe enough in my sessions with Lucie to let my guard down and be myself."

"Lucie always makes me feel I am heard.  Her appointments go very quickly - which tells its own story.  Thankyou."

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